i could talk forever, but simply put

i’m a nerd that loves to learn and explore new things. i have way too many projects and ideas, and not enough time to work on them all. i love music, keyboards, climbing, food, and a bunch of other things that i can’t think of.

i spend most of my time automating things that i could do manually in a fraction of the time, and then spend the time i saved automating something else.

i’m a huge fan of rust 🦀, and usually flip flop between it and golang. you can just about find me coding in any language though.


i’m a 3rd year at toronto metropolitan university, studying computer science.

working on a scripting language called quilt!


i worked at ibm, as a backend developer intern on the db2 on cloud team.

wrote code for the tmu hackathon club, which organizes the annual hackathon

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