things i’ve made

a lot of my projects are private right now, but i’m working on making them public.

total stars: 248
  • A blazing fast text drawing library

    rust, python
  • lingo 44 1

    Lingo is a CLI tool for counting lines of code in a workspace.

    go, makefile
  • quilt 16 2

    A dynamically typed interpreted scripting language.

    rust, codeql
  • A multipurpose discord bot with a lot of features.

    python, dockerfile, procfile
  • A path tracer written in Rust.

  • A chip8 emulator written in rust

    rust, makefile
  • A WebSocket chat app that allows users to create temporary profiles and group chats that are deleted when left.

    python, javascript, html, dockerfile
  • An implementation of raycasting to display a pseudo-3D playground

this page is still under construction so for now, these are just the most popular projects i've worked on, pulled straight from my github.
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